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Shanghai Optech Science and Technology Co., LTD’s predecessor is Shanghai .., one of the earliest companies in China that was solely invested into the undergraduate enterprise development program which provides entrepreneurship education, project guidance and financial support . Since 2009, our company has been committed to the development of the technology and products of intergrated system solutions based on artificial intelligence and has achieved great success.
Our AI based system solutions have been applied to many different industries such as photovoltaic industry, textile industru and PCB, etc. In paticular,  the corresponding PV visiual inspection equipment developed by our company (PL series, EL series and VI series) has levelled up its maturity with better performance compared to similar products in the PV industry.
Our products have become the key for domestic photovoltaic companies to reduce cost while ensuring the quality of their production of silicon chip, solar cell and solar module. Our company intends to provide long-term service for the advanced manufacturing industry and endeavors to better our product solutions and customer service.
Shanghai Optech Science and Technology Co., Ltd is headquartered in Putiuo District, Shanghai, and branches out to three production bases which respectively are Suzhou Optech, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Laboratory, and East China Normal University Joint Laboratory.
Our company made it to the market by listing on the mainland three new board.
Shanghai Optech Science and Technology Co., LTD believes in the importance of innovative ideas and technology. Every year, our company heavily invest in independent research and development of new products and technology in collaboration with authoritative institutions like Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Laboratory and East China Normal University Joint Laboratory. As a result, our company has owned multiply intellectual property right of some core technology. Through systematic quality management and continuous technological innovation, our products have been widely recognized and helped to improve corporate image. 
Shanghai Optech Technology Co., Ltd. has passed CE EU certification, and was recognized as “National High-Tech Enterprise”. Until January 30th , 2016, multiple products by Optech have been identified as “high-tech products” by SQI (Shanghai Institution of Quality Inspection and Technical Research). Our company was also recognized as Putuo District Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprise and received other honorary titles in recent years.
Shanghai Optech Technology Co., Ltd has received recognition from many established corporations inside the PV industry. With leading enterprises like Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, Suntech, Canadian Solar and so on, our company has cumulated clients up to 150 corporations and companies which mainly inside the China PV industry.