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Solar battery backplane performance and detection method

Optel portable component EL tester OPT-M311 is a portable EL detection device that is applied to the detection of incoming components of photovoltaic power plants and the detection of built-up power station components. It can be inspected on-site at all weather. The OPT-M311 can be very effective in helping PV users to play a very important role in the daily maintenance of distributed power plants. Solar modules (solar panels) are the main components of photovoltaic power plants, and their performance and safety hazards are the primary factors of photovoltaic power plants. So how much do you know about the battery backplane as a solar module? Let us now take a look at what the solar cell backplane is.
The solar cell backplane is located on the outermost layer of the back of the module to protect the solar modules from moisture during outdoor environments and generally has a three-layer structure. The outer protective layer has good resistance to environmental corrosion (to prevent water vapor erosion, UV resistance, etc.), the middle layer is PET polyester film with good insulation performance and strength, and the inner film PEVA or PE and EVA film have good adhesion. Connect performance.