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HD component EL-VI inspection machine OPT-M950/M951/M952

Product description


◆ Can be applied to different stations according to the needs of users: pre-layer inspection, post-layer inspection, final inspection
◆ EL-VI integrated detection (M950) according to user's requirements, or only EL (M951), VI (M952)
◆ Software reserved distributed management system interface
◆ Auxiliary diagnosis and automatic identification


Function and application

HD component EL-VI one machine




Inspection object: conventional frame assembly, double glass assembly, half piece assembly
Detection range: 2000mm * 1000mm
EL check defect type: high current: crack, chip, low efficiency sheet, sintered mesh, material defect, broken gate Low current: inefficient film
Appearance detection function: real appearance image display / automatic measurement of chip spacing, string spacing, component length and width, diagonal length, battery / bus bar and glass spacing data / auxiliary diagnosis main grid white, pollution, corner, chipping , foreign matter and other defects, and identification
Technology and performance indicators
Function type EL VI
Detection period (s) ≤20S
Feeding method Long edge
Loading system Self-contained front and rear homing system
Shooting mode Four cameras are directed upwards and the components move three times for imaging
Single camera core indicator Original imported SONY chip camera, resolution 1920 × 1200 (230W) Original imported SONY chip camera, resolution 5440 × 3648 (2000W)
Total system resolution 4×1920×1200×3W 4×5440×3648×3W
Pixel accuracy 0.4mm/pixel 0.09mm/pixel
Monitor 55 inch display 55 inch display
Light source / Independent research and development

1. Automatic identification of component barcodes
2. single crystal assisted diagnosis
3. MES docking
4. query system
5. other functions

1. Automatic identification of component barcodes
2. automatic measurement and judgment
3. defect assisted diagnosis
4. MES docking
5. query system
6. other functions

Image saving and transmission Save the EL picture in the name of the component barcode and upload the MES system Save the VI picture in the name of the component barcode and upload the MES system

Detection mode: normal detection of production line, monitoring and production statistics flow mode: no EL test, used as pipeline transmission

Debug mode: separate control of each part of the equipment, commissioning and maintenance use


Computer setup Brand computer windows10 operating system I7 processor
Device footprint 1800mm * 2600mm * 1300mm



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