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Fully automatic component junction box welding inspection machine OPT-B300

Product description
Product value
B300 automatic photovoltaic module junction box welding detection machine is based on the original component junction box welding equipment and component junction box welding inspection equipment based on the two-in-one complete automatic integrated equipment. The welding module and the detection module share a structure, and the welding effect of the junction box is detected at the same time of welding, thereby improving the production efficiency and ensuring the quality of the product.
High versatility, both welding function and welding inspection function
Adapt to the single junction box
Directly inserted into the existing assembly line, easy to use
Soft and hardware homing and positioning, good stability and high precision
Product name Function and application

Component junction box welding inspection machine

Application object: component junction box
Type: different specifications junction box
Welding content: Automatic soldering of solder and junction box
Test content: Check if the junction box is soldered
Automatic judgment: automatic identification and judgment according to user-defined criteria
Technical specifications
Welding method Tin soldering
Detection method The camera is facing down, once imaging
Operation cycle

According to customer welding process 25-40s

Different junction box switching time ≤10 minutes
Component protection device Supporting mechanism at the lower cell position corresponding to the junction box
Welding head cleaning Automatic head cleaning; cleaning standard: no oxide layer or dirt layer on the surface of the welding head
Applicable equipment Single junction box
Regulation and positioning Component cylinder rectification, junction box 2D visual positioning
Uptime ≥98%
Welding pass rate ≥99%
Camera Resolution: 5 million pixels; exposure time: 0.1~10s adjustable; dedicated customization
Light source Dedicated customization
Touch screen Automatic welding status monitoring, welding quantity statistics, pipeline mode switching, parameter setting interface
Software Automatic identification of component barcodes and junction box barcodes, automatic identification of welding effects, automatic card closure, MES docking, query functions, and other functions
Image saving and transmission Save the junction box picture in the name of the component barcode and upload the MES system
Computer setup Brand computer windows 7 operating system
Equipment size 2500mm × 1200mm × 1800mm(L×W×H)
Gas source requirement 0.5~0.8MPa


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