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Battery string appearance inspection equipment OPT-S200

Product description
Special with the stringer
◆ To improve detection accuracy, the resolution is upgraded from 500w to 1600w.
◆ The device is embedded in the stringer, relatively independent and easy to use.
◆ No additional labor costs required
◆ Automatically identify defects in the appearance of the battery, including dirt, scratches, fine grid breaks, lobes, fragments, etc.
◆ The type of automatic battery string position, including the chip spacing, the starting position of the bus bar soldering, and the offset of the bus bar from the main gate line.
◆ Suitable for three-grid, four-gate, five-gate battery strings, half-cell battery strings
◆ Single and double string welding machines for Otway, Pilot and Mavericks
Function and application

Battery string appearance inspection equipment


Test object: single polycrystalline tri-gate, quad-gate, five-gate battery string, half-cell battery string

Suitable for string welding machine: Otway, pilot, Maverick single and double string welding machine

Test content: whitening, film spacing, solder joints, chromatic aberration, chipping corners, broken gates, scratches, pollution

Technical specifications
Equipment type OPT-S200
Automatic judgment Automatic identification and judgment based on user-defined criteria
Camera Dedicated custom camera
Resolution 16 million pixels
Exposure time 0.5~10s Adjustable
Light source Custom made
Test period (s) Synchronized with the stringer
Software Automatic identification kit
Recognition speed (ms) <300
Computer setup Industrial one computer windows7 operating system
Gas source requirement 0.6~0.8MPa


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