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Cell EL detecting device OPT-C313/C340

Product description
Battery IC full inspection "must have"
◆ The online EL detection device is embedded between the sintering furnace and the power sorter to synchronize with the production line.
◆ The speed of the offline EL detection equipment is >1800P/H; the five-feeding station; the user can set the sorting type by himself.
◆ Ensure the accuracy of automatic identification and auxiliary diagnosis, the pixel is upgraded from 140W to 230W
◆ Automatic identification and sorting of internal defects can be accurately realized for single crystal cells
◆ For polycrystalline cells, it is now possible to implement auxiliary diagnostic functions, which will gradually transition to automatic identification.
◆ Power-on probe design is compatible with three gate lines to five grid lines, easy to switch
◆ Man-machine interface dynamic monitoring device operation status
◆ Users can choose to measure forward/reverse/forward and reverse in one detection cycle according to actual needs.
Function and application

Cell EL detecting device

OPT-C313 OPT-C340

Test object: Cell (single crystal / polycrystalline)
Test range: 156*156 (3 gates, 4 grids, 5 grids)
Test selection: forward test, reverse test
Can judge defects:
Forward-crack, black core, broken grid, black edge, sintered mesh, material defect
Reverse-dark current, breakdown voltage

Technical specifications OPT-C313 OPT-C340

Test method


Fragmentation rate

Mechanical hand inspection



Docking with the sintering furnace

Synchronized with the production line



Chip: Sony's latest CMOS imported industrial camera
Resolution: 1920*1200
Exposure time: adjustable from 0.5-10s

Feeding method 

Cutting method

Double station loading (vacuum suction)

Five-component box blanking (can be set by yourself)

Machine power supply
Power supply requirements
Power-on mode

0-30V/0-10A DC regulated power supply
AC220V 15A
Automatic power-on (probe)


Detection mode: normal inspection of the production line, monitoring and production statistics
Debug mode: monitor each signal of the device and debug the robot separately


1. Single crystal assisted diagnosis and automatic identification and sorting
2. Query: barcode query, date query
3. Other: User-defined

Computer setup
Gas source requirement
equipment weight

Windows 7 operating system
Equipment size 1540*1100*1720(mm) 1550*1100*1600(mm)


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