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Portable component EL detection device OPT-M311

Product description

"Exclusive equipment" for on-site inspection of power plant incoming inspection/built power station

System core functions:

◆ 24/7 testing: specially developed filters and darkrooms make all-weather testing possible



◆ Preview framing function: Due to the special nature of EL imaging, the components can not be seen in the preview state, thus affecting the efficiency of on-site detection. The latest technology developed by our company can realize the dynamic movement of the camera position in the preview mode. Find the component in the center of the camera screen, you can get the best EL image with one image, and the on-site detection efficiency is 3~5 times that of the peer.



◆ Autofocus function: Develop the latest software and hardware technology, so that the image system can perform autofocus under near-infrared light before taking the EL picture of the component, and it can also be performed under the fluorescent lamp, without manual passive drying, ensuring EL Image consistency.



◆ Wifi wireless transmission function: the third-party independently developed Wifi wireless transmission module replaces the original video system's own module, can be equipped with multi-platform APP remote control camera aperture, shutter, ISO, metering, white balance and other parameters in the camera, and It can realize two ipad/smart devices connected to the camera at the same time, one control shooting, one monitoring, synchronous display real-time imaging picture, 150m operating range.

◆ Portable mobile power: Collecting power generation and output together, specially developed for the demand characteristics of photovoltaic power plant EL detection, light weight, optimized circuit design, perfect protection measures, easy to use, can charge 300~500 components in one charge, without the usual Regulated power supply + tow board + external power 220V AC power supply


◆ Darkroom module: The tent and bracket materials are re-selected, the overall weight is greatly reduced, the bracket structure is re-optimized, and the assembly and disassembly and carrying are more convenient.


System extensions:

◆ Electric PTZ: Through wireless remote control, 360-degree panoramic view can be achieved to achieve the best shooting results, which can be raised to at least 4 meters.

◆ Component square array detection: Prepare a large-power DC stabilized power supply, which can realize multi-component (string) power supply, and test multiple components at one time.



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