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Component appearance automatic detection device OPT-M900/M901

Product description

Product value
At present, from the lamination to the final packaging, the front and back appearance inspection of the components has to be manually tested by two or three stations. Each class has 3 to 4 people for the appearance inspection of the components. Due to the large area of ​​the components, manual inspection It is very easy to fatigue, which is easy to cause missed inspection, especially in late shifts, which is more likely to cause quality problems. The equipment will complete the scanning and imaging of the front and back of the assembly at one station, and automatically judge the quality of the components. After use, it will bring great value to users:
◆ Save labor costs for users. According to the calculation of two shifts, each line can be reduced by 6 to 8 people. Users can recover the cost of equipment input within 1 to 1.5 years.
◆ Realize automatic identification and judgment of defects, ensure the accuracy of judgment, and completely eliminate the potential claim cost caused by appearance quality problems
◆ Realize the functions that were originally completed in several stations at one station, optimize the production process and reduce the cost of the pipeline hardware.
◆ The front and back images are saved according to the component barcode, which protects the user.
◆ Interfacing with OPT's remote monitoring system to achieve centralized data query for the entire workshop
Product name Function and application

Component appearance automatic detection device

Test range: short side max: 1mm, long side: no limit
Front inspection items: sheet spacing, string spacing, cell edge defects, surface highlights, small foreign objects such as hair between sheets, main grid white/EVA bubbles
Reverse inspection items: dirty / damaged / junction box position / mounting hole, frame leak hole position detection, etc.
Automatic judgment: automatic identification and judgment based on user-defined criteria
Technical specifications OPT-M900 OPT-M901
Feeding module Have No
Detection module Simultaneous detection of front and back

Can be single or negative
Can also detect both front and back

Blanking transfer module Have


Detection cycle


Pixel accuracy Front: 0.06mm/pixel Reverse: 0.12mm/pixel
Imaging system

Front detection Dalsa 8K line scan camera *2

Reverse detection Dalsa 8K line scan camera *1

Light source

Dedicated customization
Front detection Ultra high brightness line sweep light source *2
Reverse detection Ultra-high brightness line sweep light source *2

Monitor 48 inch 4K HD millet display


1. Automatically identify the component barcode; 2. Automatically identify and judge various defects on the front and back of the component; 3. MES docking; 4. Query function; 5. Other functions

Image saving and transmission Save the appearance of the front component and the appearance of the reverse component in the name of the component barcode, and upload the MES system
HMI Detection mode: normal inspection of the production line, monitoring and production statistics
Flow mode: no appearance test, used as a pipeline transfer
Debug mode: separate control of each part of the equipment, commissioning and maintenance use
Computer setup Brand computer windows 7 operating system
Equipment size 4545mm×1480mm×2425mm 25mm


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