Company introduction

Shanghai Optech Science and Technology Co., LTD. was established in 1999, formerly known as Shanghai Jiaotong University Student Technology Entrepreneurship Co., Ltd. the main business is entrepreneurship training for college students. Since 2008, the company has established a technology innovation system with deep integration of industry, university and research, It has always focused on the technology and product development of automatic detection equipment and automatic production equipment in the photovoltaic industry, and gradually expanded to Shanghai high-tech enterprises in the field of AI visual detection system solutions of artificial intelligence. In December 2022, Opt had successfully listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange and entered a new stage of qualitative leap.

Liberating human vision with artificial intelligence (AI)

  • 1Enterprises listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange

    Has the strength to provide customers with long-term high-quality and stable service

  • 2Specialized and new enterprise of Ministry of industry and information technology

    Deep integration of industry, university and research, independent research and development of AI technology and production base of 12000 + square meters

  • 3High market share of photovoltaic detection

    both hardware and software

  • 4More than 30 professional customer service team

    From equipment installation, commissioning to the late delivery of the whole process to provide personnel services

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