AI makes unmanned, accurate, efficient and intelligent detection become the standard configuration of component factories

Component EL/appearance -AI automatic sorting system

  • Higher detection accuracy

  • Faster detection speed

  • More stable detection standard

Component EL-AI automatic sorting system interface

Component appearance AI automatic sorting system interface

  • 80%

    Personnel decline

  • up to99%

    Class A rate of component

  • 60 GW

    System coverage

  • more than20

    Kinds of EL defect category can be detected

  • more than30

    Kinds of appearance defect category can be detected

Component EL/ appearance -AI automatic sorting system flowchart

Hd components EL-VI appearance all in one

The product range includes:

component EL-VI appearance all-in-one machine;

component EL-VI double appearance all-in-one machine;

component El testing equipment;

component single appearance VI testing equipment;

component double appearance VI testing equipment.

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